The only anticoagulant bait in the EU, with no known resistances.

Specific for the control of mice in record time (hours) and with very low doses.

Formulated with a mixture of cereals and flours of superior quality.

It uses new technology of Active Microencapsulation, where the IAT is covered with a polymeric film becoming undetectable for the rodent, which will not generate any type of rejection towards the bait. Once consumed, the film dissolves releasing the poison.

The mice are immobile due to the narcotic effect of Alfacloralose, which slows down its metabolism producing death by hypothermia.

Super concentrated bait, the minimum dose ingested will always be lethal to the mouse, even at warm temperatures.

Bait of 10 g.

Formato cebo

Data sheet

Nº Reg. DGSP
Alfacloralosa 4%
How to use
Colocar dentro de portacebos de seguridad correctamente etiquetado
Target animal
Ratón común
Scope of use
Interior de edificaciones e instalaciones fijas o móviles y medios de transporte
En función del nivel de infestación, colocar 5-20 g de producto para el control de ratones cada 3-5 m

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