RATI-DUR Paraffin 003 (NO-TOX)
Paraffin baits through the Modular® Fusion process
This process produces baits with high resistance to moisture (even in immersion) with a minimum amount of paraffin, which allows a high content of cereal which translates into greater appetite and efficiency.
Blocks 20 g.
Tamaño cubo

Data sheet

Nº Reg. DGSP
ES / APP (NA) -2018-14-00213
Bromadiolone 0.0029%
How to use
Place inside properly labeled safety baits
Target animal
Gray rat, Common mouse
Scope of use
Inside and around buildings, in means of transportation, open areas and landfill
Depending on the level of infestation, place up to 50 g of product for the control of mice and 60-200 g for rats, every 5-10 m

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